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Opposite Shear Polycrystalline Diamond Bit

Opposite Shear PCD (Continuous Tip) Router Bit

Opposite Shear PCD (Diamond) Router Bit

GDP Tooling has introduced a new generation diamond-tipped PCD Router Bit! An opposite shear polycrystalline diamond bit which provides excellent tool life and superior finish on a wide range of materials from particleboard, MDF, melamine to thermoplastics and other composite panels. This two flute non-segmented design on a solid carbide tool body runs exceptionally quiet and provides excellent finish top and bottom on double sided panels.  Suitable for nesting operation and feed speeds +/- 500”/min. The continuous tip design insures an excellent edge finish and prevents visible lines in the material edge that can occur with the slightest tool runout on segmented PCD designs. To maximize tool life, ordering this tool on an HSK Heat Shrink Tool Holder can increase life up to 30%. This tool can be sharpened and once it needs to be retired, we remove the old tool from the heat shrink and replace with a new one if so desired.  Sizes for the opposite shear PCD bit are available from 8mm to 1/2″. For more information, contact us via email or call 800.544.8436

Diamond tools are excellent for machining abrasive materials and perform their best when cutting homogenous material. For a variety of materials such as wood, MDF, solid surface etc. it is not advisable to use the same tool but dedicate the PCD tool to the most abrasive and challenging material to be machined..