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Custom Profile Tooling

Custom Profile Tooling

We design and make custom profile tooling for a very wide range of cutting applications machining wood or composite materials on CNC routers and machining centers.

Insert tooling often dramatically reduces tooling cost, as insert knives that are simply replaced with new ones, when dull, guarantee exact profile repeatability every time. Contrary to carbide tipped tooling which suffers minor profile changes after every sharpening, this is problematic. Particularly when it comes to mating profiles like tongue and groove, cope and stick profiles etc. maintaining exact profile dimensions is critical. Whether the tooling need is for a shaper, moulder, tenoner, or CNC router, a price comparison to carbide is in order. The many benefits of insert tooling should not be overlooked, such as improved finish, longer tool life due to a variety of carbide grade options and, of course, lower tooling cost.

Custom Insert Profile Tools for CNC Machining on HSK Heat Shrink Tool Holders
Example of custom insert tools for door profile

The process is all quite simple:  To get started, we need either a wood sample,  a profile sketch or a dimensioned drawing along with information such as:

  • material being machined
  • profile detail
  • machine details, i.e. cutter or router tool?
  • If router, flat table or pod & rail machine?

Once that information is received, we prepare and submit a quotation along with pertinent information such as lead time, basic tool design etc. If an order is placed, we produce a dimensioned drawing showing all the tool specifications for review and approval (or modification as needed). Once the final drawing is approved, the tool goes into production and is usually finished and ready to ship in 3-4 weeks (depending on tool type, sometimes even sooner!)