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Custom Moulding cutter on HSK Arbor Adapter
Custom Insert Profile Tools for CNC Machining on HSK Heat Shrink Tool Holders
Custom designed bevel bit
Carbide Insert CNC Rosette Profile Cutter
Custom Profile Tooling for CNC
Double Cope/Stick Door Tooling for CNC
Tongue and Groove Insert Cutter Set
Insert Groove Cutter on HSK Arbor
Adjustable Insert Roundover Cutter for CNC machining


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Custom tooling is an easy process when partnering with GDP Industrial Tooling. From concept to design, production to delivery, the process takes no longer than 4 weeks. We begin with a sample profile, a CAD file or a dimensioned sketch provided by our customer, from which we create a tool design drawing for customer review, modification when necessary, and eventually drawing approval and production.   Our high precision profile tools are all designed with safety, accuracy, exceptional performance and our customer’s complete satisfaction in mind.  When it comes to custom tooling applications, there are really few limitations beyond what the CNC machine itself is able to accommodate, and what is technically possible with geometry, feasibility and safety in mind.  Whether the need is for tongue and groove tooling, cope & stick (stile & rail), raised panel, round-overs, quarter-rounds, finger-jointing…the possibilities are endless.

In the gallery to the left, we present a variety of examples of special-made tools for specific customer needs.  From drawing to tooling completion, the process is quick and the final product comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Have an upcoming project that needs tooling?  To get started, contact us by email or call 800-544-8436.

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