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Ruth Dörken - In Memoriam

Ruth Dörken – In Memoriam

Ruth Dörken – In Memoriam. Ruth passed away March 19th 2013 in Remscheid, Germany at the age of 80. She was the owner and Managing Director of GUHDO Werk in Remscheid, Germany since the death of her husband, Herbert Doerken in 1994. She was also senior partner of GUHDO USA until 2005 when she sold her the share of the business to the US company co-founder, Karin Deutschler.

Ruth devoted her entire career to GUHDO Werk Herbert Doerken GmbH & Co. KG beginning her career at GUHDO Werk as a young woman. She remained active in the company and eventually became the sole owner of GUHDO Werk in Remscheid, Germany after the passing of her husband in 1994.

Herbert Doerken, co-founder of GUHDO USA in 1986 and his wife Ruth Doerken.
Herbert and Ruth Doerken

In this photograph she is shown with her late husband and former CEO of GUHDO Werk, and founding partner of GUHDO USA in 1986, Herbert Dörken during the celebration of his 75th birthday at Restaurant Scarpati in Wuppertal, Germany. She is survived by their two children, Petra Stoschek and Frank Dörken, as well as several grandchildren.

In 2005, when GUHDO Werk GmbH underwent reorganization, she sold her share in the U.S. company to her business partner, Karin Deutschler and Dimar Cutting Tools of Israel acquired the German company.