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Opti-Cut Optimizing Saw Blades Available

Opti-Cut Optimizing Saw Blades

GDP | GUHDO offers high quality saw blades for a wide range of machines and applications. New to our already impressive lineup of saw blades, the Series 2018 Opti-Cut Saw Blade is specifically designed for use on chop and optimizing machines.

Opti-Cut tooth configuration
Opti-Cut Tooth Configuration

Because of the high cycle speed requirements on optimizing saws, the Opti-Cut Saw Blade features an extra stable body and higher tooth count than most other saw blade applications.  Depending on the specific machine, standard sizes available are 400, 450, 500 and 600 mm with tooth counts ranging from 120 to 172 teeth. The optimizing saw blade is available with an alternate top bevel for cross cuts on soft and hard woods and is specifically designed for optimizing machine brands including Barr-Mullin, Cantek, Dimter, Kentwood, Omga, Paul, System TM and others. For additional information and pricing, please contact us or visit our selection of high-quality, precision circular saw blades here.

If blade specifications needed are not shown in our standard selection, we manufacture special sizes, tooth count and custom requirements with a normal 4-5 week lead time that are priced competitively with as little as a 2 piece order. For immediate questions, please call us at 800-544-8436