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Diamond Slatwall Cutter

Slatwall/T-Slot Cutter Manufactured to Custom Dimensions

Diamond Tipped PCD Slatwall Cutter
Diamond – tipped (PCD) Slatwall Cutter

Expanding our extensive line up of PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tooling, our Diamond Slatwall Cutters (PCD T-slot Cutter) are custom designed for Slatwall production, and made to customer specifications to accommodate specific extrusion inserts. The PCD slatwall cutter edges include 2-flutes on the large diameter and a single flute in the neck.  Generally, the PCD bits are not re-sharpened because they lose dimension accuracy once sharpened.

If you’re currently utilizing carbide tipped slatwall tooling and you have a larger volume of slatwall to produce, changing to a Diamond Slatwall Cutter will save you a lot on tooling cost! We offer exceptional quality and reliability with competitive pricing, please contact us for more information or send us an email with the dimensions of your particular slatwall extrusions (see below) for an accurate quote.

Diagram of Slatwall Extrusion Insert
To provide an accurate quotation on PCD slatwall cutters we need to know the required dimensions per drawing.

Most slatwall is an MDF core and therefore, a carbide tipped bit will wear out very quickly, and, as previously mentioned, should not be sharpened since the profile will change after sharpening. A diamond bit is the only sensible solution for slatwall machining. While initially more expensive, it will be considerably lower cost in the long run. Questions? Please contact us.