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Fourcut Surfacing Bit for Shaker Door Production

Make MDF Shaker Doors On CNC Machining Center Without Sanding!

We recently had the opportunity to introduce our Insert Surface Planing Tool to one of our local customers.  Atlanta Cabinet Shop Inc, was looking for a solution to eliminate the time wasted on sanding MDF door parts.  Routing the door recess was accomplished with our 40mm diameter tool in no time, and then we cleaned out the corners with a 3/8″ solid carbide straight bit on the first pass,  followed by a second pass with a 1/16bit to get the closest to a square corner one can achieve!  Gary was very pleased with the superior quality shaker style cabinet MDF cabinet door he was able to finish!

After seeing the tool run, Gary Balcom, Chief Operations Officer of Atlanta Cabinet Shop Inc says:  “The FOURCUT™ Surfacing finish bit does an excellent job routing out the center recess for shaker style doors.  It left a smooth finish, and seems very quiet in operation.  It’s able to machine in one pass, which helps with machine time.”  

A special tool geometry and radius insert corners guarantees a perfect finish and seamless tool passes.  To obtain best possible finish, we highly recommend ordering this tool on an HSK heat shrink toolholder which provides best possible accuracy by by-passing collet and collet nut compounded tolerances!

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