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Arbor Tooling for Moulders and CNC Machinery

Arbor Tooling for Moulders and CNC Machinery

Moulders- double raised panel profile on HSK63F arbor
Double Raised Panel Profile on HSK63F Arbor

GDP Tooling (previously under the GUHDO banner since 1986) offers a wide range of arbors for use on CNC Routers, Machining Centers and Moulders equipped with the Powerlock feature. Depending on the machine and motor connection,  options include SK30, ISO30, HSK63F and HSK63E for CNC routers and HSK85W for Kentwood, SCM and Weinig moulders.  Arbors, especially for CNC routers and machining centers,  allow for large diameter and stacked tooling sets to be used to machine thicker materials commonly seen in the production of doors and windows and large mouldings typical in the millwork industry. The arbors are available with spindle diameters of 20, 30, 40 mm and 1-1/4” with spindle lengths from 40 mm up to 240 mm. Produced from tempered steel and thoroughly balanced, these arbors provide endless production capabilities for your CNC Router, Machining Center or Moulder. When considering arbors and tooling, it is very important to adhere to weight and diameter specifications and RPM limitations as recommended by the machine manufacturer.

Double Sticking Profile Cutter Set on HSK63F Arbor

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