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Cyclone Dust Extraction Nut for CNC

Reduce Dust and Breathe Freely!

CYCLONE DUST NUT - Series 6363
Cyclone Dust Nut

The Cyclone Dust Extraction Nut is designed to reduce dust in nested CNC router operations, leading to improved finish quality, tool performance and ultimately, an improved work environment for the operator.  The Cyclone creates an upward draft to help direct the debris into the collection system and away from the tool and material.   It works best when using the shortest possible cut length to perform the cutting task so that the shroud stays close to the table to improve the vacuum.   How well it works depends on a synergy between your cutting application and efficiency/setup of your dust collection unit, so for this reason, we offer a trial option for a small flat processing fee to test the nut and make sure it works before you buy one!

Easy Installation for Cyclone Dust Extraction Nut

The Cyclone Dust Extraction Nut is designed to work with any tool holder that accepts ER32, ER40 or RDO35 (SYOZ25) standard collets. Tool holders include HSK63F, HSK63E, SK30 or ISO30. The Cyclone can be installed in minutes! Simply remove the collet nut and collet, insert the collet into the Cyclone and secure it the tool holder.  It works best with tool diameters of 3/8″ and 1/2″. Manufactured from lightweight alloy, balanced to G2.5 and rated for RPM’s up to 20,000.

Interested in the Cyclone, please email or give us a call at 800-544-8436 to discuss if the Cyclone Dust Extraction Nut is the right option.  Below are images of cuts done with and without the dust nut.

Panels cut without the Cyclone Dust Nut
Panels cut with the Cyclone Dust Nut