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Lightweight Honeycomb Panels Cutting Examples

Cutting Lightweight/Honeycomb Panels

Honeycomb panels are used in the aerospace, marine, transportation, automotive and wind energy industries due to their light weight, strength, rigidity and stability. A variety of material types are used in these panels including plastics, composites, aluminum and wood depending on the panels application and construction.  For composite panels, diamond tooling is preferable however the thickness of the skin will be a factor in the accelerated tool wear normally experienced when machining composites with carbide tooling.  In this example the workpiece is a lightweight board with cardboard honeycomb core and veneer on both sides.

Similar materials: Lightweight boards with honeycomb core and surface layers of hardboard or plywood

Cutting honeycomb panels
Cutting Honeycomb Panel 

1 FOURCUT-RAPIDO Cutter Set for honeycomb boards Z3+3 (special)

2 DIAMATIC Diamond Router Cutter Z3 No. 15551-9

3 Hinge Boring Bit T.C.T. Z2+V2 with chip berakers No. 30300-5, special ground

4 Dowel Drill T.C.T. Z2 No. 30530-5