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Static collet nuts (left in photo) and ball bearing collet nuts (right in photo) are available from stock and come in a version either with closed slots or open slots. When ordering, specify which style is needed because the closed and open slot versions do not use the same wrench style for tightening. A bearing nut, which incorporates a ball bearing ring in its base, provides higher clamping force. Another advantage of the bearing nut is that clockwise and counterclockwise tools can be used in the same tool holder.

Always torque collet nuts to correct torque based on collet style using a professional torque wrench.  Failure to tighten the collet nut to correct torque can result in tool vibration, breakage from overtorquing, and tool slippage.



Both static and ball bearing collet nuts are available from stock.  However, the importance of a ball bearing in the collet nut cannot be understated.  Apart from the fact that it allows the user to run both CW and CCW tools in the same tool holder, it is the solution to eliminating tool slippage problems during the routing process and provides for higher accuracy of tool shank clamping.


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