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Complete Tool Measuring System with interchangeable tool sleeves made of tempered steel.  Frame is made of high quality steel to insure lasting strength, accuracy and straightness.   A simple, multi-language and intuitive System Software which is easy for everyone.  All functions are visualized, with easy to understand icons.   Can create up to 200 machine origins and memorize 200 tools for each machine.  The tool measuring interface works like a real CAD and any tool measurement can be determined.  The new DXF function (optional) allows the user to compare tool profiles against imported files, or scan and acquire a tool geometry.  The new GHOST function permits measuring the maximum diameter and profile by simply rotating the tool.  Real view tool inspection mode shows a clear, 40x enlargement view of the tool surface.

22″ HD Monitor / Schermo Touch Screen

Camera is a high-resolution C-MOS camera with telecentric lenses.  If offers a field of view of 7x7mm (o.27″x0.27″) in both Profile View and Real View mode with 40x enlargement.
Linearity of movement guaranteed by two parallel guides on the X Axis with a four-row linear recirculating ball bearing with preloaded slides.  One guide is used on the Z Axis.  Guides are directly attached to the steel presetter frame to guarantee constant geometry alignment.  Both X and Z Axis are equipped with glass optical scales with a resolution of 0.001mm and supplied with inspection certificate.

Pneumatic axis movement allows fast and precise positioning of the camera with a knob switch.
Two manual wheels allow micrometric movement of both Z and X Axis for best precision and accuracy.
CVS Software:  Designed in house and developed in collaboration with tooling professionals and machine operators to ensure the completeness of functions and ease of use.  PC wtih latest generation of Windows® operating system and 7 USB ports.

  • Machine Tool Controls with integrated Presetter Post Processor
  • Company Servers for operations log transfer
  • Specific software for Balluff sensor dimensional data transfer
  • External Memory supports such as USB keys and hard drives
  • Laser Printer
  • Label Printer
  • WI-Data Transfer (optional)
  • Sturdy Base Cabinet

Leader Plus 44:
Measures Maximum Diameter 400mm / Maximum Height 400mm
Electric Connection:  230V – 50 Hz – grounded
Weight:  130kg. (286 lbs)

Leader Plus 45:
Measures Maximum Diameter 400mm / Maximum Height 500mm
Electric Connection:  230V – 50 Hz – grounded
Weight:  140kg. (308 lbs)