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We work effortlessly at ensuring we give our customers the best products and the best service. But don’t take our word for it!


“Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the 2195 series melamine blade you supplied us. This may well be the best blade we ever used, both in terms of cut quality and noise level.”

Harold Grindl, Sunrise Woodworks

You performed amazingly! Because of your “can do” abilities…. you now have a loyal customer.

Dogstreet Design, Centreville MD

“I hate to sound cliche, but…great service…you can’t beat their knowledge in tooling.  We have been using GDP|GUHDO for over 20 years and will continue!”

Randy Saunders, Houston Shutters

“We have used GDP|GUHDO for many years and they have helped us with their knowledge.  Keep up the good work!”

David Huang, BC Canada

“I have enjoyed working with GDP|GUHDO for many years. I find them to be very knowledgeable, prompt, and efficient. Quality has always been excellent”

Jack Ballew, Missouri

“GDP|GUHDO has been a very reliable business partner for our company. GDP|GUHDO has been a very good source for good solutions for our customers with high-quality products.

Mike Shemon, Advantage Machinery

GDP|GUHDO has served as a knowledgeable and reliable tooling vendor for me for over 15 years. Business relationships like this are imperative to success

Taylor Jones, Legacy Machinery

Quality, Value, Excellent Customer Service

Phil , Pensylvania

GDP|GUHDO’s quality and tool life exceed anything we can get from our local suppliers. We’ve been using GDP|GUHDO since 2003.

Grant Miller

“I’ve done business with GDP|GUHDO since 1996 and have always found them to be knowledgeable and helpful. The quality of the tooling speaks for itself. Great tooling, Great service!”

Dick Akins

Our experience and ongoing relationship with GDP|GUHDO continues to grow “Our experience and ongoing relationship with GDP|GUHDO continues to grow and prosper. Predictable, we inquire about a special or stock tool – we get an answer immediately. We place an order – we receive a confirmation within the hour, In that same day an order is placed – we receive the shipment confirmation with tracking. Quality & price – spot on! Never left wondering or guessing – the GDP|GUHDO team understands how to do business.”

Joe Leugers, JKL Machinery