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Series 4056/4058 (4510)

Application:  Adjustable chamfering insert cutter head for jointing, beveling and mitre cutting soft and hardwood, cutting with and cross grain.  Also suitable for coated, veneered wood composite materials such as particleboard, plywood and MDF.  For use on shapers, moulders etc.

Technical Information:
On the 4056 cutter, the standard dimensions available are 140mm with 50mm cut length, and 170mm diameter with 50mm cut length.    Cutter is manufactured with a steel body and uses with 2 reversible insert cutting elements which guarantee a constant cutting diameter.  The  bevel angle is adjustable from 0 degrees to 60 degrees in 1 degree increments.

On the 4058 Cutter, the standard dimensions are 160mm diameter x 50mm cut, or 170mm diameter x 60mm cut length and adjustable from 0 – 90 degrees infinitely adjustable. Tool body is high quality light alloy.   For price and availability, please contact us.