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Do you own a shaper cutter manufactured by LRH industries that you bought some years ago and are still using? If so, we supply the replacement LRH-Profile Knives when you need more! Used on insert shaper cutter heads once manufactured by now defunct LRH Enterprises Inc. of Chatsworth, California, replacements can be ordered from us in all standard profiles the company offered when it was still in business. This includes their numerous standard cope and stick profiles, raised panel profiles, outside edge profiles, glass door sets, flooring tongue and groove, glue joint, finger joint, lock miter and straight cutters. To keep it simple, we have adapted the same item numbers LRH assigned, so that confusion or mistakes are avoided! We manufacture LRH-Profile Knives in our Marietta, GA facility on state-of-the-art Swiss profile grinding equipment that guarantees profile accuracy and repeatability every time. Let us help you make good use of your old LRH cutters so that they may bring you many more years of use! Most LRH standard profiles do not have minimum quantity requirements, although a full set (3 knives) must be ordered since mix and match from different manufacturers cannot be guaranteed.

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