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Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Hogger

PCD Compact Hogger

PCD Hogging Head

Polycrystalline Diamond-tipped Hogging Cutters are required for high volume panel sizing of chipboard, MDF, particleboard with melamine, paper, HPL and other abrasive composites on double end tenoners. Depending on application, different diamond grades are available to provide optimum performance and tool life.

Polycrystalline Diamond Hogging Head

Just imagine running up 3 million linear feet of particleboard without a single tool change! With the introduction of polycrystalline diamond tools over 35 years ago this dream became a reality! Depending on the material and the surface finish of panels, there are several different PCD Diamond grades to choose from to insure best possible performance. Tool geometry takes material application and machine into consideration to guarantee best results. Tool geometry is focused on obtaining a chip free cut while also guiding the chips out of the cut efficiently to keep the tool running cooler and more efficiently. The cooler a tool runs, the longer the cutting edge will hold up!

On tenoners, a diamond-tipped scoring saw is used to precut the end of the panel on the bottom, to provide a clean, bottom exit cut. Pre-scoring in the opposite direction on the bottom side allows the hogging unit (which cuts from the top) to get a chip free exit cut when it leaves the material at the end of the panel.

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