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Alternate Shear Insert Router Bit - Carbide Replacement

20mm Alternate Shear Insert Router Bit – Solid Carbide Replacement!

We are excited to introduce our new 20MM Alternate Shear Insert Router Bit (Part No. 22006). This 2-flute, 20 mm (0.787) diameter router bit is available in a 30 mm (1.180”) cutting length and an alternating shear cutting action. Though not recommended for machining double sided materials, this insert router bit is ideal for perimeter & grooving applications of raw composite (MDF & Particle Board) materials, solid woods and difficult to machine products such as Phenolic and especially solid surface (Avonite, Corian, Wilsonart, Formica & Swanstone).

3/4" alternate shear insert tool
3/4″ Alternate Shear Insert Tool – PN 22006

The face-mounted inserts enable a large gullet area which effectively and efficiently evacuates the material chips and aids in the heat dissipation. This is particularly important when machining heat setting materials such as Phenolic and Solid Surface materials. Standard double sided inserts are utilized and depending on the material being machined,  are available in two different carbide grades.  Reduce your tooling inventory and tooling cost substantially while improving efficiencies with a tool that offers a constant cutting diameter, economical inserts, rigid tool body construction and excellent finish results! 

alternate shear pattern
Alternate Shear Pattern – PN 22006

When it comes to machining thicker materials and when a larger diameter is acceptable, the series No. 22006 alternate shear insert router bit is an ideal alternative to a 3/4″ solid carbide compression bit.  

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