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This tool holder collet nut wrench is essential to loosen the collet nut on the tool holder so tools can be removed and replaced when necessary.  When mounting tools in the tool holder, it is strongly recommended to tighten the tool to proper torque with a Torque Wrench.   However, the torque wrench should not be used to loosen the nut since it can cause the calibration to become inaccurate.   It’s essential that both a collet nut wrench as well as a Torque Wrench are on hand to have the most effective clamping and tool dismount setup.  For securing the tool holder to mount and release tools, a tool setup fixture is required.

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Nut Size

M40x1.5, M48x1.5, M50x1.5

Collet Style

ER32, SYOZ25/RDO35, ER40


Closed(Spanner), Open(Key)