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Series 6248

This carbide insert bit is designed for roughing applications such as sizing, jointing, rebating wood, wood composite and other abrasive panel products on CNC machines.  High cutting performance and excellent chip removal are delivered with this insert tool which utilizes 4 sided solid carbide and/or PCD diamond insert knives positioned in a helical fashion to assure best possible finish.  For materials such as composite core with melamine or other highly abrasive surface finish, most economical performance results from using the PCD inserts where the material is most abrasive, and carbide insert knives for the core.
Standard size available is 25mm diameter x 54mm cut length with an overall length of 120mm. (Item# 6248.250.25)

This tool is best paired with an HSK Heat Shrink Tool holder on machines with HSK-F63 interface.

Recommended Machining Parameters:
RPM: 18,000-24,000
Feed Rate:  8-15 m/min




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