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Series 4-520

Application:  Our cope and stick (stile and rail) profile insert cutter sets are made to order per exact customer specification and profile request.  Whether for kitchen cabinet doors, furniture doors, interior or exterior doors, our expertise will deliver the most cost effective, economical and best performing solution!  We produce exactly based on customer need, budget and anticipated machining parameters.  Tools are constructed either in single piece design, i.e. the cope and stick profiles are individual single piece cutter heads with corresponding profile inserts, or, for versatility and flexibility, can also make multi-piece cutter sets to make top bead profile interchangeable, tongue/groove depth and width variable or whatever variants are required.  All tools are constructed by master craftsmen, paying close attention to impeccable quality, precision balance, and come with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Depending on machine requirements, cutters can be mounted on HSK arbor adapters to be used on CNC machines, or shapers, moulders etc.  Below are some profile examples: