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HSK63-F Hydro Chuck for CNC Machines An HSK-F 63 Hydro Chuck is an easy way to improve tool life and reduce tooling cost on the tool that is your shop’s “work horse”. While heat-shrink and power shrink tool holders equally improve accuracy and increase tool life, the investment in additional accessories required to mount and…read more

NEW !! Quick Change Adapter Requiring No Special Clamping Screw Introducing a new generation quick change adapter (JSOFIX) for fast and easy tool changes of 10 mm shank drill bits. Whether you have a CNC drill station, a multispindle in line boring aggregate head, or multi spindle boring machine, this adaptor offers simplicity and efficiency….read more

Center Plug for HSK63F, HSK63E & HSK50F Tool Holders Typically, HSK chucks are supplied with a hole through the interior of the cone.  The hole is designed to accommodate a data chip (Balluff Chip) for tool tracking, and can also help aid in the release of the chuck from the motor housing if it comes…read more

Megaspeed PCD Router Bit for Excellent Edge Finish and Highest Feed Rates Our Megaspeed PCD bit offers a sturdy tool body with helically positioned, aggressive cutting angles that have a compression style shear effect.  This tool is bottom cutting, so can be used for rebating, jointing and panel sizing on particleboard, MDF and other wood…read more

Diamond and Insert Trimmers for Edgebanders GDP Tooling (previously under the GUHDO banner since 1986), offers a wide range of tooling for most edgebanders, to include straight and radius trimmers and their replacement inserts/scrape knives, snip saws, and diamond (PCD) premill cutters.  Our PCD tools are manufactured per specifications of the original OEM for all edgebander…read more

Insert Tooling for Tenon Production GDP Tooling offers many specialty cutter heads for various machines and applications. One such application is an insert knife cutter head for the production of tenons. Commonly used in the furniture industry, GDP Tooling’s adjustable insert cutter head is specifically designed for tenon machines including Bacci, Balestrini, Pade and Greda….read more

Frequently Asked Questions on Cutting Tools Industry experts answer woodworkers’ frequently asked questions on cutting tools and their use. Reposting this article, in case you missed it, which was compiled by the Vance Publishing Team (Wood&Wood Products/CWB/woodworkingnetwork.com) Q: How do I know if my tooling is balanced? A: The absence of a drill mark does not automatically indicate that…read more

Arbor Tooling for Moulders and CNC Machinery GDP Tooling (previously under the GUHDO banner since 1986) offers a wide range of arbors for use on CNC Routers, Machining Centers and Moulders equipped with the Powerlock feature. Depending on the machine and motor connection,  options include SK30, ISO30, HSK63F and HSK63E for CNC routers and HSK85W for…read more

The Perceived Value of Tools The main difference between a quality saw and a less than perfect saw lies not in the outward appearance but rather in what’s below the surface. And with the ever increasing amount of different saw blades, the choices are aplenty and become more challenging. Top Quality tools offer a high…read more

“Unique” Shaper / Stacked Tooling GDP Tooling (previously under the GUHDO banner since 1986) has a stellar reputation for providing high quality tooling for CNC routers, shapers (including shaper tooling for Unique Machines), panel saws, edge banding machines and other woodworking machines. The company is also well versed in producing stacked tooling systems (insert style) for the…read more

Custom Profile Tooling We design and make custom profile tooling for a very wide range of cutting applications machining wood or composite materials on CNC routers and machining centers. Insert tooling often dramatically reduces tooling cost, as insert knives that are simply replaced with new ones, when dull, guarantee exact profile repeatability every time. Contrary…read more

Insert Knives – Quick and Competitively Priced! Need new replacement insert knives? Think you might be paying too much? GDP manufactures solid carbide replacement insert knives on state-of-the-art profile grinding equipment which guarantees repeatability and accuracy every time!  Our carbide blanks are available in a variety of carbide grades, some designed for solid woods and others…read more