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Finger Joint Cutter Heads

Finger Joint Cutters

Diamond-tipped (PCD) Finger joint Cutter for Unique Machine

Finger Joint Cutters are cutters with the bore applied as brazed tools or as cutter head versions. There are four versions of finger head cutters:

  1. Brazed finger joint cutter
  2. Disc-type finger joint cutter
  3. Finger joint cutter head
  4. Finger joint cutter head system

When purchasing a finger joint cutter it is important to look for certain qualities:

  • Ensure the body is made from high tensile tool steel
  • Precision of hub and bore
  • Inspect the profile truth and cutting edge preparation
  • Clean solder joints with no pitting
Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) finger Joint Cutter

Safety and constant quality of this high performance tool helps increase productivity in high production industrial manufacturing processes involving finger jointing. This consistency can only be reached through long-standing production know-how and a high performance development environment in collaboration with machine manufacturers and customers.